Monday, January 16, 2017

New website

Hi everyone.

Please check out my new website -

I'll be posting content at that site from now on. I'll leave this blog up for a few months, but then it will be deleted. Once I am able to complete the new website, I'm going to add much more chess content than blogger will allow.

Go have a look and leave comments for the type of content you would like to see.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Port Huron Chess Club Championship - Rd 1

The Port Huron CC Championship began last Thursday. I was paired with the 2nd lowest seed, George Avery Jones from the other side of the Blue Water Bridge (that's Canada for those not from the east side of Michigan). He is a quiet member (probably the quietest, actually!) of the Port Huron chess club and genuinely a nice guy. This was my 3rd time playing against Mr. Jones. He actually beat me at last year's championship. I came into this game with a chip on my shoulder. I wanted to beat him like he stole something!

I had Black in our game that quickly turned into a strange Dutch as he played Nc3 without first playing c4, and definitely outside of the normal book lines in the early Nc3 Dutch.

In this position, White played 5. Bh4 instead of the normal 5.Bxf6 or 5.Bf4. So after 5...g5, I won a piece for 2 pawns.

Later in the game, I had the following position:
I had just played Qf4 to prevent white from playing 22.f3. He missed my threat. After 22.f3?? Qxg3! 23.hxg3 Rxh1 and mates. Instead of resigning, my opponent played on in a hopeless position for another 7 moves before resigning.

Other games in the 1st round were:
Wingrove (1614)-Gregg (1941) 0-1
Lahr (1812)-Morobito (1860) 1-0
Rutkofske (1859) - bye

I'll play Fred Lahr with the white pieces in round 2 next Thursday.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New update - 2017

Hi everyone.

Just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that I will be moving this blog to another server. I will begin blogging again and will add some new features that Blogger doesn't allow (or doesn't do very well).

Should be live in a week or so.

By the way, I'm playing in the Port Huron Chess Championship again this year, starting this Thursday, January 12. I need to redeem myself for the disastrous showing last year. This year the field is stronger than before with no one rated below 1600. I am once again the 2nd seed in the tournament.

Happy New Year!


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Michigan Class A Championship

Playing in the Class A Championship this weekend. Coming off 8 consecutive wins between OTB and CC chess, I lost my first game at the Port Huron CC championship to a 1400 rated player. Was easily winning and missed a pretty 4 move checkmate.

Things have continued at the Class Championship. Round 1 I was easily winning, I mean, absolutely crushing my opponent. I chose a move that allowed some counter-play and I couldn't keep up with the tactics and ended up losing! Brutal! Second round is starting here in a couple of minutes. Time to get back on the winning track.

I won in round 2, drew from a completely winning position in round 3 and just won my 4th round game. Round 5 coming up in 5 minutes. Although this tournament has been a disappointment for sure, if I win the next game, I will have new high rating. Something to play for at least.

UPDATE: Lost the last round. That's all I have to say....

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Correspondence Game

As I await the start of both the Port Huron CC club championship and the Michigan Class A Championship, here is one of my correspondence games that ended just before the New Year.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Michigan chess scene

Well, I guess it's time to give up the fight. One thing I learned when I made my last big ratings jump in 2007 was I had to play often in order to stay sharp. Nowadays, there just isn't enough chess activity in this State. Outside of scholastic events, chess is dying in Michigan. Not enough organizers and not enough adult players who still want to play somewhat regularly.

Now even I have tried and failed to organize events. I tried to setup a number of different events in December and January. The GPCC Quads that was supposed to take place today got exactly ZERO entrants signed up. My free hoped-for club matches got no interest from the clubs outside of the Grosse Pointe club. I tried setting up individual matches with people. The only person who showed interest stopped talking to me after our 3rd (of 4) game.
I thought by making $5 (or free) entry fees, I could lure people out. Nope.

The only way to get some OTB games is to go out of state to the CCA events. My problem is the entry fees and hotel fees have gotten to be so much higher for those events than they used to be. Plus, my kids are still too young to bring to chess tournaments and I really cannot afford to be away long weekends anymore.

So, what I will do is finish out two OTB events in the 1st quarter of 2016 and the 2 correspondence events I'm currently playing in, and move on to something else.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Grosse Pointe Chess Club December Quads

Title: Grosse Pointe CC Quads
Location: Grosse Pointe Woods
Start Time: 12/20/2015, 11AM
End Time: 12/20/2015. 6PM
Category: Chess Tournament
Building: Pointe Plaza (next to St John Hospital, in front of Buddy's Pizza)
Address: 19163 Mack Ave
City: Grosse Pointe Woods
State: MI
Zip: 48236
Format: Quads by rating, 3-RR
Time Control: G/60; d/5
Rounds: 11AM, 1:30PM, 3:45PM
Entry Fee: $5.00
Registration: Advanced entries only, no onsite registration. Please email entries to by 12/19/2015
Prizes: $20 1st place each quad
Entries/Info: Tony West (westtony77(AT) hotmail(DOT) com)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

What's Next?

Just returned last week from a great vacation in the Caribbean, and then proceeded to have knee surgery on Tuesday of this week. Recovery is going well, but laying around has got me thinking about playing chess.

I'm in the process of organizing/playing in a number of tournaments in the next couple of months.

1. Rated match with other chess clubs from the surrounding areas like Port Huron and Flint. It would be a 4 member team, playing all members of the opposite team. This way you get 4 rated games during each match. I've reached out to both the Port Huron Chess Club and the Genessee (Flint) Chess Club to gauge interest. The Grosse Pointe Chess Club is ready and excited about playing.UPDATE 1/10/2016 - did not happen due to lack of interest

2. Rated Quads - G/60 quads at the Grosse Pointe Chess Club on December 20th. UPDATE 1/10/2016: Ended up doing a 5 round RR instead. I went 5-0, but only gained 8 rating points due to the very low rated opponents.

3. Michigan Class A Championship - Lansing, January 16-17 UPDATE 1/10/2016 - officially signed up and ready to win!

4. Port Huron Chess Club Championship - January - March 2016 UPDATE 1/10/2016 - officially signed up. Now a 9 round RR, where I am the 2nd seed. Starts this coming Thursday

5. I'm already playing in a Correspondence Class Quads tournament UPDATE 1/10/2016 - all games still going on. I'm completely winning in a couple of games, completely losing in 1 and 1 that will almost certainly end of as a draw. First results should be coming through in the next month or so.

6. I've signed up for the E-Golden Knights correspondence tournament that will take place throughout 2016. UPDATE 1/10/2016 - event has officially started. 1 result in already as I beat a 1700 rated player. Most of the remaining games are still not out of the opening yet.

7. I might sprinkle in a couple Grosse Pointe mini-swisses or quads once a month or once every coupe of months. UPDATE 1/10/2016 - I plan on running another 1 day event in February

8. Sometime in 2016, I will run a Grosse Pointe Chess Championship and a GP club championship. UPDATE 1/10/2016 - still up in the air....

9. NEW: Will be playing in a 5 round swiss at ATKM in late February or early March.

Wish me luck!


Thursday, November 19, 2015

West-Marson Match - Game 3

Game 3 was a disaster for me, but I still managed to win somehow. I missed almost every one of my opponent's moves. I was extremely lucky that all of his tactical attempts ended up winning for me! I'll post the game some time tomorrow or Saturday.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Match vs Marson - Game 2

Game 2 went much better for me. Well, the end result anyway. The first 25 moves or so led to a stalemate, then I was given an opportunity to win and I found it and play it. Running it quickly through the engine showed that I didn't make any serious blunders and actually played pretty good again. And, most of all.....I played much faster! No time trouble in this game at all.